Protein Bars & Snacks

High Protein Bars (also called Powerbars), high protein flapjacks and snacks have become very popular as convenience items which act as high protein meal replacement bars, or high protein snacks whilst on the go, with no preparation required.

First came heavy, hard to eat protein bars, but recently there have been some great tasting high protein bars, flapjacks, puddings, etc. and here are some of the most popular products:

  • AST Musclebars & AST Vyo Pro Bars;
  • CNP Pro Bar XS, CNP Pro Dessert, CNP Pro Flapjack (chocolate orange flavour is great tasting);
  • Cytosport Muscle Milk and Oats;
  • EAS Myoplex Bars;
  • Reflex Pitstop Bars; and
  • Trioplex Gourmet Brownie Bars.